I had this awesome physical therapist (Mick) who did wonders for my IT band. As a result, I had the best race I have ever run and I ran it pain free!! Seriously I felt amazing through the entire thing. I was physically and mentally prepared for everything I encountered.

K. T. (runner – 1st ½ Marathon)

Mick helped me with heel pain. I was told by one doc I would never run again. Got a second opinion and was guided toward Mick! Ran 14 miles Saturday before last and 10 last Saturday – pain free!!

A. C. (trail runner)

We are fortunate in this community to have a resource such as yourself. It is a tremendous comfort as a coach to know that you have knowledgeable, sound, and competent athletic medical support at your fingertips. My only fear is that the word will get out and we will need to resort to some weird medical science to clone you 10X over. Keep up the exceptional work.

M. S. (high/middle school track & field head coach, runner)

I highly recommend listening to Mick’s advice and taking the time/money to let him draw up a plan. Three years ago I couldn’t run more than 3-4 miles per week because of chronic shin splints. After doing some PT work with Mick I’m now running around 40-50 miles/wk with my long runs lasting around 22-23 miles. My shins still hurt but not even as bad as they did when I was running 4 miles/wk...it’s far better than it used to be. I could have never figured that out on my own, even with all the internet articles and books on the subject.

S. S. (triathlete – 4:17 ½ Iron, 9:43 IM)

I finally went to see Mick and with some ultrasound, massage, and stretching I was pain free in a couple of weeks. At that time he was working at a center that was not on my insurance but I paid out of my own pocket – he’s that GOOD!!!

L. P. (runner)

Thank you for taking the time and working with me. The exercise program you put me on has really helped. I think if I had had someone like you in the beginning I would not have had to have surgery. Thanks so much for all your help.

D. A. (walker/hiker)

I appreciate all of your help in my retraining process, and I have to say that I feel very fortunate to be recommended a PT who’s so knowledgeable, personable, and passionate!

A. M. (runner)

I am feeling great! I don’t know what it is, but my legs just started feeling better. Thank you very much for all of your help. You are the only person since being in college that has actually listened to my pain and taken the needed action to help me get better, and for that I will never hesitate to come to you with any issues I am having. Thank you very much for everything!

L. S. (Division 1 track & field athlete)

That guy Mick is an awesome PT.

J. C. (Division 1 head track & field coach)

After only 3-4 PT sessions you have given me enough info to battle my shin splints better than ( , PT) could do in 4 months of 1-2 sessions/wk. Thanks again.

S. S. (runner)

Thank you for your help with my shoulder. I have been so thrilled since I met with you and have been doing the exercises that you suggested and I have been pain free. I sincerely appreciate your help with this, especially since resolving the pain is essential to my career success.

A. C. (weightlifter)

I have been working hard to adjust my form, strengthen my hips and glutes, and increase my calf flexibility. It has been going very well. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your suggestions and wonderful explanations! My shin pain is totally gone now, and my training is fantastic. I have told many people about how much you helped me and have made a lot of people jealous! It is still a work in progress, but I think one of the most helpful suggestions you gave was to shorten my stride and have my foot land under my hips. I have gotten rid of my orthotics completely now too. I am excited for this cross country season that has just begun and look forward to running injury-free!

J. R. (Division 2 female cross country & track runner)

My knee is doing well. The strength training exercises have made a huge difference….honestly! I cannot believe how well my knee is doing with the exercises. I am still running…although a bit slowly. I am still planning on running the Marines Marathon in October. I want to thank you so much for helping me get a handle on my knee problems. In all my years, I have never been told to work on strengthening but rather to stop running. I plan on continuing to focus on strengthening as I feel that this is the key to my ability to keep running. Thanks again!

R. S. (mother, marathoner, CPA)

After just one week of doing those exercises my shoulder felt great…now everything feels fine and normal – I am impressed. Thank you so much!

K. H. (Boston Marathon runner, physician)

Dude, I don't know what voodoo magic you worked yesterday but this morning I have zero pain in the knee. I wanted to let you know about the needling from yesterday - I went to the gym after I left and did the hip exercises. Typically after 10 on either side I feel like I am at muscle failure. Yesterday on the right side I was able to do 25 no problem - thought that was kind of interesting.

AP (recreational runner/cyclist)

So far so good…my back is great and I’m running again (first time I’ve been able to train regularly in 4 months). I would recommend the dry needling treatment to anyone

JC (NCAA Division 1 middle distance runner)

Just wanted to give you some feedback with regards to the dry needling…I went home a little sore that evening. I didn't take any NSAIDS however, but I did apply an ice pack for approximately 20 min. The next day I ran 12 miles at a "normal" pace before I went on vacation…in short, I have not experienced any more pain or discomfort for almost 2 weeks!!! Looks like I’m on schedule for the ½ marathon next weekend…and this report after the race…I'm still celebrating my time. I definitely did a lot better than I expected - finished almost 11 minutes faster compared to the same race last year. Thanks for helping me out. I could not have done it without you. My leg still feels great.

CF (runner training for 1st marathon – completing the ½ as training run 3wks out)

I opted for a softer surface for my 19 miles on Saturday - my calf held up great! I felt it twinge a couple of times, but that was it. No swelling or extra soreness afterwards! I think Dry Needling is Da Bomb! Thank you! Best long run I have had in months!

CP (runner preparing for Boston Marathon)

I think I’m addicted…it really helps me keep training. I’m usually sore for the rest of the day, but it’s a good feeling because the next day on the track it feels fine and I’m able to push off the Achilles without pain. It’s definitely helping keep me going in an Olympic year.

SB (professional runner - middle distance)

After dealing with pretty bad ankle sprain for a week, I came into Mick for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. After having dry needling done once before on my shoulder with great results I was relieved when after looking at my ankle Mick chose to go with it again. I had treatment done on a Thursday, exactly a week after my initial injury. Throughout that previous week I had rested, iced, taped, and done stabilization exercises with little-to-no improvement. After one treatment session with Mick I was able to not only play in my game on Saturday, but do so with NO pain and NO tape on my ankle. I knew it would improve but it didn't set in until after my game that just one week earlier even walking up and down stairs was extremely painful…yet here I was playing rugby. Not only able to sustain the cuts and running from rugby, but the fact it’s my plant foot from kicking and it could take that extra force. I'm now one week after treatment with none of the symptoms of my sprain having come back.

SA (Men’s Super League Rugby player)

Just an update on the Achilles…It’s doing well today. I am poking at it right now and the pain has really decreased. It’s more of a dull achiness when I touch it as opposed to sharp. My run yesterday was OK - it felt really good for 5 miles…the calf is still tight, and I want to limp, but when I make myself walk normal I don't have pain.

HD (professional runner – middle distance)

I have had a little time to reflect about the dry needling treatment that I underwent Friday. WHEN SHOULD I COME AGAIN! I was sore all of Friday - worse than if I had a really deep massage or had worked out way too hard. I ran almost 4 miles at an easy pace…it was still sore on the whole but not as sore at "The Spot" on the Achilles. Sat morning it felt a lot better, as far as the soreness. Sunday it felt pretty good and I ran 6.15 miles @ tempo pace - most importantly when I was running, and when I finished, there was very little pain. Today it felt pretty good, I felt stronger during my warm up, and so I decided to run as fast as I could for 4 miles (time trial). The Achilles still hurt a bit, but again not as bad as I have grown accustom. My stride felt good and strong and I was fast. Whatever it was it felt pretty good.

JW (local competitive runner, ex-collegiate gymnast)

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