Why Choose OPI?

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How We Are Different

OPI offers a truly unique combination of evidence-based physical therapy, the exercise sciences, and practical application of strength & conditioning principles to produce positive results and improve performance through all stages of life.

Whether you are an elite competitive athlete, a runner with knee pain limiting your mileage, an athletically-inclined "weekend warrior", or a "soccer mom" trying to get back in shape - we have the tools to keep you active and injury free!

Our unique background blends several different disciplines to create a comprehensive approach to training the athlete that is unparalleled. Not only do we have expertise in the exercise sciences, but we are athletes that understand how to get results. We bridge the gap between sports medicine and performance training to design programs that are activity-specific and functionally focused on the needs of the individual.

Optimal Training + Optimal Recovery = Optimal Progress → Optimal Performance

Philosophy and Training Principles

QUALITY IS KING! At OPI we value each and every customer and will do whatever it takes to ensure that you receive the very best treatment in the most effective and efficient manner. We are service oriented and results driven.

• "Any map that guides you to a new destination is useless unless you know where you are starting!" Therefore, at OPI, the initial assessment and baseline testing is the first critical step in developing the most efficient and effective program for you.

• Proactive versus Reactive!

• Personal attention for the goal-oriented athlete - each workout and/or treatment session will have a purpose and address your specific needs.

• Health and wellness across the lifespan.

• Combine the latest science and technology with practical application experiences to provide the most comprehensive periodized approach to produce the results you are looking for.



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